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Corel Graphics Suite Training Course | Introduction



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2 Days


Online virtual classroom


Learn CorelDraw and Corel Photo-Paint and discover the power of two applications for the price of one on this Introduction to the Corel Graphics Suite training course. CorelDraw and Corel Photo-Paint are both shipped as part of the Corel Graphics Suite, so you can double the impact of your creative graphics. Learn how to apply stunning effects to photos and other bitmaps in Corel Photo-Paint, and then combine them with the amazing visual effects available in CorelDraw.


  • Tuesday 5th - Wednesday 13th July 2022 | 10:00 - 13:00

Who should attend?

Designed for people who need to learn both CorelDraw and Corel Photo-Paint to create artwork for output in multiple formats – such as for print as well as the web – this Corel Graphics Suite training course will explain the difference between the two applications in language you can understand, and help you to identify when to use each for maximum impact.

In the classroom version of the course you'll spend day one working with CorelDraw and day 2 on Photo-Paint. The online version of this Corel Graphics Suite Introductory training course is delivered over four three hour sessions spread over at least a week so you'll have plenty of time to practice what you have learnt in between the sessions before consolidating and developing your skills in the next session. You'll spend roughly two three-hour sessions working with each application. The online and classroom-based versions of the course are scheduled to run in alternate months.

During the course your instructor will teach you the process of setting up new documents in both applications and show you how to add and format text, graphics and other design elements in CorelDraw as well as teaching you the basics about how pixel-based images are composed and edited in Corel Photo-Paint. You'll be assigned a series of carefully constructed tasks at each stage as the sessions progress to help you consolidate your learning. You'll also receive a copy of the course reference notes to use when the course is over, and you'll receive unlimited free email support (fair usage policy applies) following the course on topics included in the course content.

Contact us to run this Corel Graphics Suite training course or a customised version of it on your own premises for just £415+vat per day for up to two people. Add just £75+vat each for additional person. The price is inclusive of course reference notes and email support but exclusive of the trainer's travel and overnight accommodation costs where applicable.

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Course Content

What you can expect to learn on this Corel Graphics Suite training course:

A computer generated image shows the bottom half of a large tripod-like machine. A girl is standing on a canal bridge. The machine has an arm that hovers near the girl's head.

Sessions 1 & 2 will concentrate on CorelDraw.
Topics Covered will include:

Differences between CorelDraw and PhotoPaint

  • Vector versus Bitmap Graphics – understanding the difference and knowing which format to choose and when

Understanding the User Interface

  • Toolbars/Property Bar
  • The Toolbox
  • Scrolling/Zooming
  • Setting User Preferences

Page Setup

  • Page layout
  • Using the Rulers and Grids

Drawing Basic Shapes

  • Use of Rectangle, Ellipse, Polygon and Basic Shapes tools

Transforming Objects

  • Position
  • Size
  • Scale
  • Rotate
  • Skew

Manipulating Objects

  • Duplicating, cloning and copying objects
  • Creating complex shapes by Grouping and Welding

Using the Outline Pen & Fill Tools

  • Setting Line Colours, Styles and Thickness
  • Applying Uniform Colour, Gradient, Pattern and Textured Fills

Working with Text

  • Entering and Editing Artistic and Paragraph Text
  • Importing Text from Other Applications
  • Formatting Text
  • Wrapping Text Around Graphics
  • Fitting Text in Irregular Shaped Areas
  • Fitting Text to a Path

Applying Simple Effects

  • Interactive Drop-Shadow
  • Interactive Extrude
  • Interactive Transparency
  • Power Clip

Importing & Exporting

  • Understanding Import & Export Filters
  • Searching for and Adding Clipart & Photos
  • Exporting Artwork for use in Other Applications Such as Word-Processors, Publishing Software, Web Sites, the Print Media and On-Screen Presentations


  • Printing to a Local or Network Desktop Printer
  • Sending Artwork to an External Print Provider

Sessions 3 & 4 will concentrate on Corel Photo-Paint.
Topics Covered will include:

Understanding Bitmap Images

  • Device Dependency & Resolution Explained
  • Size Matters! The Relationship between Size & Resolution
  • – Re-sizing versus Resampling
  • Colour Models – RGB, CMYK, Greyscale, Duotone

Modifying & Repairing Images

  • Applying Creative Effects to Images
  • Repairing Damaged Photos
    – “Red-Eye” Removal
    – Dust & Scratch Removal
  • Creating a Photo-Montage
  • Removing Unwanted Backgrounds from Images
  • Cloning Areas of One Image to Another

Isolating Parts of an Image for Special Effects

  • Creating & Manipulating Masks
  • Creating & Manipulating Objects
  • Selecting Areas of Similar Colour within an Image
  • Replacing Colours in an Image
  • Applying Creative Effects to Objects & Masks

Transferring Artwork between CorelDraw & Corel Photo-Paint

  • Importing Photo-Paint Images to CorelDraw
  • Importing CorelDraw Artwork to Photo-Paint
  • Converting Vectors to Bitmaps – Why?
  • Converting Bitmaps to Vectors with Corel Trace
  • Exporting from Photo-Paint

A computer generated graphic image of a woman in an impressionist style painting. She has long red hair which merges into a bright green and blue background.

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