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CorelDraw Training Course | Introduction



(£478.80 incl. VAT)


2 Days


Online virtual classroom


Discover easy to learn techniques with proven results on this CorelDraw Intro training course that will guarantee you'll be working confidently and enthusiastically with CorelDraw in no time. Unlimited email support following your course means you won't be left struggling on your own when those moments of crisis arise.


  • Tuesday 13th - Wednesday 21st September 2022 | 10:00 - 13:00

Who should attend?

The classroom version of this CorelDraw Introductory training course is delivered over two days in our training suite in Chertsey, Surrey or on your own premises. The online version is delivered over four three hour sessions spread over at least a week so you'll have plenty of time to practice what you learnt in between the sessions before consolidating and developing your skills in the next session. The online and classroom-based versions of the course are scheduled to run in alternate months.

Over the two days/four sessions you will learn how to create and combine basic shapes in CorelDraw and discover how these shapes can be used to create attractive artwork and logos, as well as how to import clipart and other images from stock image libraries or other sources and edit them in CorelDraw.

You'll also learn how to lay out pages incorporating both artistic and paragraph text for publications like brochures and newsletters. No previous knowledge of the software is assumed, but you will be expected to be familiar with the Microsoft Windows operating system.

During the course your instructor will teach you the process of setting up a new CorelDraw document and show you how to add and format text, graphics and other design elements. You'll be assigned a series of carefully constructed tasks at each stage as the day progresses to help you consolidate your learning. You'll also receive a copy of comprehensive course reference notes to use when the course is over, and you'll receive unlimited free email support (fair usage policy applies) following the course on topics included in the course content.

Contact us to run this CorelDraw training course or a customised version of it on your own premises for just £415+vat per day for up to two people. Add just £75+vat each for additional person. The price is inclusive of course reference notes and email support but exclusive of the trainer's travel and overnight accommodation costs where applicable.

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Course Content

What you can expect to learn on this CorelDraw training course:

Image created in CorelDraw. There is a tree in a meadow. A rope swing hangs from one of the branches of the tree. A strange creature is sitting on the swing. The tree trunk has a small arched doorway set into its base. The colours are very vibrant

Understanding Vectors

  • What is a Vector Graphic?
  • The Difference between Vector and Bitmap (Raster) Images, and when to use them
  • Different Types (File Formats) of Vector Graphics

Understanding the User Interface

  • Toolbars
  • The Toolbox
  • Scrolling/Zooming

Setting User Preferences

  • Page Setup
  • Page Layout
  • Rulers and Grids

Drawing Basic Shapes

  • Use of Rectangle, Ellipse and Polygon Tools

Transforming Objects

  • Selecting, Moving and Re-sizing Objects
  • Duplicating, Cloning and Copying Objects
  • Grouping and Combining Objects
  • Rotating and Skewing Objects

Using the Outline Pen and Fill Tools

  • Customising Line Weight and Style
  • Attaching Arrows and Other End-Styles
  • Applying Colour to Lines
  • Uniform Colour Fills
  • Fountain Fills
  • Texture and Pattern Fills

Colour Issues

  • Spot, Process and Pantone Colours Explained
  • Custom Colour Palettes
  • Optimised Colour Palettes
  • The Document Colour Palette

Working with Béziers

  • Using the Free Hand and Bézier tools
  • Reshaping with the Shape tool
  • Creating Bézier Objects
  • Using the Knife and Eraser tools

Working with Text

  • Understanding the Difference Between Artistic and Paragraph Text
  • Entering and Editing Artistic and Paragraph text
  • Formatting Text
  • Typographical Controls – Line Spacing (Leading), Kerning (Character space) and Tracking (Word space)
  • Converting Text to Curves – Why do it?
  • Wrapping Text Around Graphics
  • Fitting Text in Irregular Shaped Frames
  • Fitting Text to a Path
  • Linking Text from One Page to Another

Importing and Exporting

  • Importing Clipart
  • Importing Bitmaps
  • Importing Text
  • Exporting Artwork for Use in Other Applications


  • Printing to a Local or Network Desktop Printer
  • PDF Output
  • Print Options

A drawing created using graphics drawing software. A woman holds a cube in her hand. Vapour trails from the cube flow in a wave pattern and morph into illuminated pages of several documents. In the background are drawings of trees on a moonlit night.

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