Great reasons for a CorelDraw Training Course – Part Three

June 2022

In this final post about the advantages of CorelDraw I give you…

Reason 3

If you have the right picture in the wrong format, CorelDraw could be just what you need to get you out of a fix.

CorelDraw and its stable-mate Corel Photo-Paint can import and export files in just about any format you’re ever likely to need.

I’m a bit of a dinosaur in the IT world these days so I can remember the days when just about everyone who created a software application had a proprietary file format to go with it. Many were compatible with PCs only and couldn’t be used on a Mac platform at all. These days things have become more standardised and most apps can save/export to one of the common file formats supported by both Windows and Mac operating systems.

But there are times when we need to re-purpose some of those old images and CorelDraw continues to support most of the old file formats, which means you can import them into CorelDraw and then export them as something more up-to-date so that you can use it on other apps like Word or PowerPoint for example.

Line drawing of the NASA space shuttle, Columbia

My original copy of this is in the GEM file format. I used CorelDraw to convert it to a .PNG so that I could include it here.

Take this old GEM line art diagram of the Space Shuttle Columbia for example. Some of you may remember it, or if you ever attended one of my Desktop Publishing courses years ago you may even have used it. Of course there’s no chance that WordPress is going to let me import it to show you on here, but CorelDraw is one of very few apps that will still import an old GEM file. So I was able to import it into CorelDraw and then save it as a .PNG which I could then import into WordPress to show you.

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