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June 2022

Continuing my series of “Great reasons to choose a CorelDraw training course”, welcome to…

Reason No. 2

It’s not just a vector graphics drawing tool. It’s also a full-featured DTP (Desktop Publishing) programme, and, if you purchase it as part of the Corel Graphics Suite, you get a really high-end photo/bitmap image editing app (Photo-Paint) that gives its rival Adobe PhotoShop a good run for its money. If you’re on a tight budget you’ll struggle to find better value for money anywhere else.

I remember how totally frustrated I was the first time I sat down to learn CorelDraw with a printed manual the size of “War & Peace”. I expected the tool that looked like a pen nib would be the one to use to draw a line and was baffled when clicking it simply produced a dialogue box showing me different line thicknesses, styles and colours. After choosing the options that I wanted and clicking OK the dialogue box went away but I still wasn’t left with anything that would let me draw a line.

The Outline Pen tool doesn’t appear in the main toolbox these days and the tool that looks like a pen nib does now actually let you draw a line, but you could still be forgiven for wondering what the hell is going on when you use it if you don’t know anything about Bézier curve technology. And without help you’ll struggle to find something that will just do something as simple as draw a straight line.

So does that mean that CorelDraw is difficult to learn? Well no, not really once you understand some basics. And that really is my point here, It’s actually much simpler to learn than competitor products like Adobe Illustrator but you do need to get your head around what a bézier curve is if you want to master it fully. And once you have grasped the concept of béziers it really does open up a whole new world of creativity and editing possibilities.

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