Great reasons for a CorelDraw Training Course – Part One

May 2022

I’ve always thought that CorelDraw gets a pretty rough ride from folks in the graphics/design world where Adobe still reigns supreme. But starting today and over the next few weeks I’m going to give you some great reasons for choosing CorelDraw over its better-known competitors.

Reason No. 1

It’s available to purchase as a perpetual licence rather than by subscription, although there’s a subscription plan option as well if that’s what you prefer.

In my experience annual subscription models – at least for Windows users, which is where most CorelDraw users live – are a waste of money. They incentivise software developers to hold back on new features that they could have included this year so that they have something to shout about next year. But more often, the new features in the ‘upgrades’ year on year aren’t really worth shouting about in the first place. I can’t remember the last time an upgrade to any graphics product included something really new and innovative that made it worth the cost but I can recall a number of occasions when useful features were removed from ‘upgrades’, often only to be re-introduced a couple of years later when they were then touted as new features in a subsequent upgrade.

I have an old copy of CorelDraw version 12 (the current 2022 release is version 23) that still works perfectly and runs on a Windows 10 machine. It doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of the current release but I’d say it does easily 85% of what the newest release can do, so if I hadn’t bought in to any of the subsequent releases that’s 10 years of subscriptions I could have saved myself.

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