The Classroom is Back

January 2022

An SAP Business Objects trainer is standing over a student who is working on a computer. The trainer is pointing to something to the student's screen.

“So much is communicated non-verbally in face-to-face training and I’ve really missed that…”

After nearly two years of delivering only online courses I’m delighted to announce that in-person training in a real classroom is finally back on our schedule.

The ability to deliver courses online has undoubtedly been a lifeline for many of us, and I know that for many of you as well it has proved to be a better alternative than attending classes in-person. Not having to travel to a training venue is an obvious advantage, and providing courses in 3-hour chunks instead of a full day has made it much easier for those working from home to organise their day. So online training is here to stay as well, and over the next few months we’ll be scheduling online and in-class versions of courses in alternate months.

Nothing quite beats the learning experience of having your trainer on-hand and in-person though, and I’m really looking forward to seeing as many new and old faces as possible again. From a trainer’s point of view, it’s been quite tough to know exactly who and how well people in online sessions have understood the content. So much is communicated non-verbally in face-to-face training and I’ve really missed that. When a person is in the room with me, it’s easy to know when they’re struggling to understand something. It can be a facial expression, a sigh, a gasp of frustration – a curse even – that lets me know all isn’t well. And even if there are no non-verbal cues, I can always just stand near them and watch what they’re doing to see how they’re getting on.

So, welcome back and I hope to see you soon.

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